Letter to Santa

We have a soft spot for Scouts, especially Scouts raising money. I think that’s how we ended up with this.

first pine tree

Martin picked out the biggest tree in the place. It’s 9 feet (2.7 m) tall tree!

“Hey, I know what it’s like raising money for Scout camp,” he said. Then we snagged a $5 used tree stand from the Scout, too. Martin hasn’t stopped grinning since; neither have I. This is the first Christmas tree we’ve ever had.

It came from about 150 miles away, and we’re patiently waiting for it to unfold and fill our living room.

Do you like how our cedar chest (a wedding gift) serves as both couch and counter stools? I’m still quilting our tree skirt; we’ll share when it’s finished.

When the tree was loaded into our car and we waved goodbye to our new Scout friend, we headed across the parking lot to the local craft bazaar. Guess who we saw there!

dear santa

The big red guy himself was waving us over to him. “Tell Santa what you’d like,” he said with a jolly “ho ho ho!”

Martin and I froze. What should we dream of finding under that tree?

“That’s okay,” he said. “You’ll think of something.” Then he leaned toward me and added, “You know, Katie, kids don’t write me letters like when you were knee high to a grasshopper.”

“They don’t, Santa?”

He looked so sad. “No. They email me or send the elves a text. A text! There is no old fashion letter writing these days. Can you help?”

Of course I promised to do my best.

The next thing I knew, I was tapping away in my own workshop.

letter to santa kit

I created this “Dear Santa” vintage letter kit. I wanted to create a letter to Santa that was also like a short book or journal, so I used some vintage Santa images and lined paper that I love. I think this book could be a great keepsake. Wouldn’t it be cool to see an old letter you wrote?! That’s why I wanted to make it extra fun for kids with the stickers, glitter tape, and tag.

It’s at Gadanke now. I hope you like it. I hope Santa does, too!

Do you have any memories of Santa when you were a kid? Did you ever write him letters or sit on his lap? I remember one year we even got to talk to him on the phone! Tell me your memory…