Studio Shelving

Today we’re renaming this blog “Making This Shelf”. It’s the least we can do in tribute to a project that’s happening in Gadanke‘s studio right now amongst all the journal making.

Back in September, Martin and I were operating on another one of those midnight measuring sprees (like this one when we needed lights in the house). We got this greatly needed idea of adding shelves to the studio/office. We drew a little sketch and made perfect measurements. We hung strips of painters tape across the walls so we could envision the shelving yet to come.

Remember the last time I showed you the studio?

Well the shelving arrived about a week later. But we’d already moved on to other projects… like moving out of the tire house and into this airplane hangar. (Yah!)

Imagine some Disney pixy dust and musical fanfare with a harp as this tale unfolds.

Here’s my prince.

And here’s my dream coming true.

What the heck. Insert more harp music! We’ll keep you posted as we progress.

What are your weekend plans? Any honey do projects or holiday decorating?