A Dresser in the Bathroom

You know what people say: once you put something on the internet, it’s there forever. There’s no turning back now. I might as well just say it.

I just put my childhood dresser in our bathroom.

Our problem was multi-facited.

First we had my old dresser with no home. There wasn’t room in the bedroom for any more furniture, and we didn’t need another place to store clothes anyway. I didn’t really want to part with my dresser.

Second we didn’t have any storage in the bathroom. You might recall that we don’t even have a bathroom vanity or sink. The only place we were storing stuff was in piles on the floor!

Third the gap between the toilet and tub was huge. We thought of adding shelving or a little table. But I’m not always a fan of open shelving because I have a tendency to rearrange it on a regular basis. Each time a roll of toilet paper disappears, it feels unbalanced. I imagine, “Oh yes, this is the time someone will come visit us and use our bathroom. I better fix it.” I’m dorky like that.

Adding this dresser has been brilliant. It draws your eye up when you walk in the room, so the slanting ceiling is less obvious. It breaks up all the white tile. And best of all, it’s the perfect place to stash hidden stuff. Toilet paper, linens, tall bottles, and towels are in the top. Various toiletries, odd things like shoe polish, and items most people would keep in a vanity are in the drawers.

The air is so dry here and our bathroom is so large with lots of air flow that moldy linens aren’t a problem. Would I put heirloom furniture in the bathroom? Probably not. But I’m fine with a particleboard dresser.

It’s funny. I still remember picking out this dresser at the furniture store. I was so sure that I’d be putting a TV in it when I was older. Imagine if the sales lady had said, “No honey. You’re actually going to put toilet paper in it when you’re married!”

How do you store linens and towels? Anyone else do something unconventional with a dresser? I’m wondering what the reaction will be around here. “No sink built yet, but we’ve got a dresser in here!”