Couch Surfing

The good news is we’re not hosting an American Thanksgiving this year. The bad news is that we can’t just crash on the sofa after eating too much pie because…

hangar house

We don’t have a couch. We’re totally fine with that fact. To be honest, this whole hangar loft home we built still feels like a dream. Am I really out of the tire house? Am I warm without long underwear? It’s bliss, I tell ya. Martin has taken to napping on the floor thanks to the radiant floor heating. Who needs a couch just yet?!

Here’s the view of our future living room from the bed.

small home

Sometimes we push that cedar chest around to sit at the counter. Maybe Santa will bring us a few stools. I think those are higher on our wish list than a couch. They cost less. They’re more of a finishing touch all by themselves. (With a couch, you have to start thinking about rugs, coffee tables, side tables, lamps, pillows…) With stools, all you need are the stools themselves. And it’s done.

Tell me what you know about couches and stools. Things to stay away from? Companies you love? The only couch we’ve ever shopped for was this wild yellow one in Germany when this ol’ blog was brand new.