We Found an American-Made Lighting Company

Let’s talk about lights today.

Specifically, let’s talk about where they’re made.

lighting made in america

Except there’s not much to say. China. That’s about it.

When I walked into the locally owned lighting shop, I asked the smiley woman with jaw-length hair who worked there, “Do you sell lights from any companies that manufacture products in the United States?” She looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. Noooo, I thought. I didn’t just accidentally say that in German, did I?

I didn’t.

And she didn’t know where their lights came from. “Probably China,” she said.

I wanted to ask where things like this came from:

household goods made of antlers

The poor girl had already wandered away. She really wasn’t interested in discussing lights that might fit my criteria, so I went home. That’s okay. A $297 bottle holder really wasn’t in my budget anyway.

Think, think, think, Katie. Where can you find a lighting company that’s all about American made products?

A light bulb went off. Wait, that’s a horrible pun. I got an idea.

I found Barn Light Electric and Vintage Barn Lighting. The company offers all kinds of lighting options that are – wait for it – made in America. Some of their coolest products include restored lights from barns and runways. Yeah, you can get a vintage taxiway light in your bathroom. Martin is seriously coveting that one!

They also sell new lights like the ones we have installed at our house, which feel so German that I may have drooled a tad at the sight of them.

european lighting


There, that was me speaking German. (And because our lights are so German, they’re actually one of the few products that are imported at Barn Light Electric.)

bedroom lamp

You saw one in our bedroom on Friday. We also have two sconces in the living room.

The Scott family who runs Barn Light Electric are incredibly nice. I really wanted to tell you about them, and when they got word, they offered to partner up with me to cover some of the cost of our lights.

Now I just need to distract Martin from those runway lights. I think we have enough of those around here already!

I’d love to hear about the types of lighting you love. Any thoughts on a few antlers on your lights? How about taxiway equipment?