Decorate for Autumn Without Buying “Stuff”

I feel like I’m finally back into my element now that we’re living in the airplane hangar. The place you call home really does impact your daily living. When I was getting groceries this weekend, I stopped to look at all of the winter squashes.

Then I went home and set up this on our dining table:

handmade autumn decorations

Some of the foods here are local. Some are not. But they all have one thing in common:

We don’t have to find a storage place for any of these things when autumn ends.

This season isn’t my first autumn of decorating with food. I used to do it in Germany all the time. (Don’t mind the smaller photo from blogging days of yore.) This display was on our table in 2009 when I pulled together a slew of ideas for decorating without buying “decorations”.

decorating with food

It’s pretty interesting to note. In Germany, we had a bowl of nuts that we loved to eat in the US. Now we have chestnuts. Martin brought four pounds of them home the other day when I asked him to stop for milk. Guys and the grocery store… you just never know.

How do you like to decorate for autumn? Do you have foods in the pantry that you could pull out for some decoration?