Adding Personal Touches to a Bedroom

We’re buzzing along in our new home in the airplane hangar. It’s really refreshing because this time around, I actually know where to buy things. In Germany, I would spent hours just trying to figure out where to buy something like pillows. And in the tire house, we just didn’t care. Our hearts weren’t into it.

personalizing your bedroom

Pillows were actually the first item on our list. When we moved straight from the tire house, our bedding looked like this:

before decorating a bedroom

Charming. We know.

We ordered two more pillows from Amazon (these ones) just to give the head of the bed some lift. ThenĀ I found three duvet covers that I liked online and emailed Martin the links. Fortunately, he picked the organic one I hoped he would. And it was sale at West Elm. Bam.

simple bed design

And see the “sweet dreams” on the pillowcase? My grandma embroidered those for us the Christmas before Martin and I got married. I think that when you receive a present like that, it’s very easy to tuck it away, afraid of ruining it. But you cannot enjoy something that’s in the closet.

So we love our pillowcases. I also really like the simple design of the space.

How many pillows are on your bed? Anyone else have an embroidery loving grandma or other family member? Do tell.