Documenting Holiday Traditions (and a sale!)

how to keep a christmas diary

It’s time again!

Martin and I are settling into our new home (yeah!), and my mind is drifting toward the upcoming holiday season. We’ve never had a Christmas tree of our own. Did you know that? There’s so much to dream about as we craft a space for celebrating the holidays.

As many of you know, we have a special tradition of documenting our holiday season each year. The first time I did this was in Germany. I had no access to fun scrapbooking embellishments and bobbles, so I invented them. The next years, I created “Joy to the World” Christmas journals at Gadanke so that all of you could document your season, too.

And guess what. The holiday journals are back!

christmas journal

This year, the books include all kinds of colorful embellishments. I’m really looking forward to using the green glitter tape and buttons. I’ve never used buttons in my journal before.

december daily scrapbook

Words are a powerful thing.

So are traditions and holiday favorites.

Martin and I are discovering traditions and favorites (like cookie recipes and Christmas markets) from each season just by looking at past journal pages. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect to be so blown away by how we’re navigating American and European traditions and really having fun with it.

I hope you join me in this storykeeping tradition.

Need more inspiration?

New to Gadanke this season is a “Joy to the World” scrapbooking kit.

christmas scrapbooking kit Some ideas for this kit:

  1. Add these pages to a “Joy to the World” Christmas journal.
  2. Add a holiday section to another journal.
  3. Make these pages a journal all their own.

Also new are pretty embellishments for journals and life in general:

(left to right: twist ties, brown bag stickers)

scrapbook titles

(“Start The Story” prompt tickets like you’ve seen me use here and here)

Thanks for letting Gadanke and me be a part of your story. And now for you:

*Discounts exclude shipping, applicable taxes, pencils, and date stamps. Sale ends Thursday, November 8 at 8:00 pm MST.

What are you excited about this upcoming holiday season? Any new babies or new home? How about beloved traditions. We’re hoping to carve out a few ourselves. (TRADITIONS, that is.)