Document Your Weekend

Over the weekend:

  • We visited an elderly friend in the hospital. Martin was out parking the car while I went inside. Our friend kept asking me where Martin was. And when Martin walked in, I saw our friend’s face light up. The hospital room felt so warm as they watched each other.
  • The dinner menu now includes hot soup and some elk meat from a friend.
  • We said goodbye to my father-in-law. Having his help has pretty much made our move-in goal possible. Nine days to go!
  • There’s nothing more wonderful than the crisp cool air of autumn mixed with the smell of wood.
  • “We need more clamps,” Martin said with a laugh.

one month to a better journal

Sometimes, when life gets busy, my favorite way to journal about a series of days is with a list. Try it. Grab your journal. Jot down a few nuggets. Date your page. Maybe snap a photo, and add that. Boom. You’re done.

What did your weekend list include?