Autumn + A Call For Expats

american expats

Fall is creeping in here. The mornings are chilly. The sky is smokey. And bit by bit, morning frost is threatening to make its way into the valley.

Just as we start to settle into the rhythm, we get days like yesterday when it was over 90 degrees. “I’m not ready to leave you,” summer says.

“Oh good,” Martin and I sigh. We hang up our tool belts. We put on our shorts, and we go into the mountains.

This fall, I’m working with a group of expats (and former expats) on a project that’s been on my mind for a long time. We’re so excited! It’s involving a lot of heart, and it’ll be so perfect for sipping tea and watching leaves change as we work.

If you are an expat in Germany or if you have ever been an expat in Germany and would be interested in working on this secret project, please email me. Send me a link to your blog and twitter handle if you have them. If you don’t, send a little writing sample. Your heart may be just what this project needs. I can’t say more right now. That’s why it’s top secret. But just like presents under the tree, this will be awesome and worth all the closed doors and whispers as we dream.