Installing Our First Cabinet and Appliances

Things are changing around here. I think being mama bunny for such a short time really touched my heart in an intense way. My perspective is shifting. I’m taking deeper breaths, trying to swallow as much of life as I can in each gulp.

Martin recruited a couple of guy friends to help us haul Phase I of the kitchen up the hangar stairs now that our enormous cabinet is sanded and varnished. Our house still doesn’t have a door, so the guys had no trouble slipping everything into the house.

I think they’ll like how I phrased that. They slipped that stuff in like silk. No grunting on the stairs. No smelly sweating. No veins bulging.┬áJust pure manly awesomeness.

“What do you think of it?” one of the guys asked Martin when they were all done.

“It’s great!” Martin said. “But it doesn’t really matter what I┬áthink. Katie?!”

Yes. I am in the bedroom eavesdropping and not offering to carry heavy things. I just listen to the man grunts as I caulk windows and try not to grab the camera and get caulk all over it. The camera sits patiently as they work, except during a bathroom break.

“Katie?!” Martin says again, a little louder. Oh! Oops.

I walk over to where the guys all stand. I’m like the building inspector of sorts. Except I always put my coat on and try to leave work earlier.

(Or is that just like a building inspector?)

Either way, I’m thrilled. By the looks on my face, you can see. I’m also a bit stunned. I think we’re on our way to designing another really awesome kitchen.

You can probably guess that the inspiration for this cabinet came from the kitchen we built in Germany. Of course, this time around, everything is of jumbo American size. The fridge and freezer are on the right side of the unit, and the oven is on the left. We chose a combo oven/microwave in Germany. This time, we are opting for a larger oven and separate microwave…. a microwave that our shorter female friends have dubbed “the tall person’s microwave”. I guess it is a bit high.

But not compared to all that storage above it! Hello Christmas cookie cutters. I know where you’ll go.

The upper-most section will be for venting the appliances, and we want to put three deep drawers beneath the oven. Again, like we did in Germany!

What’s your vote on a “tall person’s microwave”? Is it something you’d love or hate? I still remember the first time my family got a microwave. We all wanted to sit in front of it and watch it work. You too?