How to: Make Paper Bunting

After an awesome weekend hike with some pals, Martin and I started talking about the things we wanted to fit into our summer several times each. I pulled out my “Become” journal since it’s all about acknowledging creative whispers. I flipped to a blank page to make a list and embellish it with bunting. I’ll go back and add a date stamp tonight.

Here’s how I made the bunting with a scrap of green paper:

Draw two parallel lines with a pencil. Mark each line every half inch. Each of your bunting flags will be one inch wide. Used your ruler to connect every other dot on the upper line with the opposite dot on the lower line. (I used the same method for cutting out much larger birthday bunting and fabric bunting in our old kitchen in Berlin.)

Cut out the triangles.

Arrange them on your journal page, adhere, and snip off the extras.

Then you’re ready to journal.

What are some simple summer things you want to do? I don’t suppose you can offer any family reunion tips, can you? My cousin and I are in charge of the event. It’ll be in the mountains with about 50 people.