Coming to Gadanke: Part II

What have you done with your wedding cards from family and friends?

A journal with a solution has been requested by you guys over and over. It wasn’t until my parents moved out of my childhood home (and handed me the stack of wedding cards Martin and I had unknowingly stashed in my old bedroom) that I realized the seriousness of this problem. None of us know what to do with the wedding cards we receive. The cards get stashed in drawers or stuffed in the back of closets. We only know one thing: we don’t want to get rid of them.

I found an answer to help you celebrate everything that these cards symbolize.


I wanted to give you a book that encompasses your love story no matter how long you’ve been married. This wedding card scrapbook is for newlyweds. It’s also for couples married for years and years.

The writing prompts flow beautifully from documenting:

  1. the things you loved to do together when you were dating,
  2. as much (or little) about your wedding as your heart desires, including ample space for photographs and memorabilia
  3. the way you live and love today and how you spend your days

As you can see, I happily filled this journal with cards from our families. Now I’m writing the stories. (And Martin is helping, too!)

The dimensions of this journal are much larger than the traditional Gadanke journal, perfect for wedding cards. You can label the three tabs however you want. It’s a great place to tuck in love letters and anniversary cards, too!

The “Love Fills a Lifetime” wedding card scrapbooks will be arriving at Gadanke on Monday. I hope you love using or gifting one as much as we’re loving ours!