New Press: I’m a Fashionista?!

This is the point where your jaw might drop. Mine’s sure been on the floor all weekend!

First, here’s a picture of me working at the hangar loft construction. You know, instead of being the person always taking the pictures. I’m standing on a tall ladder at the highest point of the living room, sealing any gaps to complete our vapor barrier between the home and hangar. A few minutes earlier, our delivery guy came in the hangar shouting, “Delivery from Malyasia!” I zipped down the ladder, around the corner, and down the stairs… all while carrying my caulking gun. I forgot to set it down! Also almost tripped on the neighbor’s cat. (How did she get in here?)

A minute later, I was back on my ladder. Martin pulled off his gloves, snapped the picture, swapped a few high-fives with me, and ventured back to his work with a big grin. I’ve been kind of racing against the clock with the sealing, considering the insulation is already up in the bedroom and bathroom.

Second, here’s the reason for all that drama: I’m holding a fashion magazine I happen to in. With a TWO PAGE spread!

Yes, me. I know how crazy this sounds.

Here’s the story. As so many of you know, I stopped buying clothes in Summer 2009. Just threw up my hands and said, “No more!” I started blogging the occassional update in a series called “The No New Clothes Challenge”. That project was only supposed to last three months… but it actually went on for well over two years.

(We eventually had to start buying new clothes because things were getting so worn out — like the jeans I’m wearing above, which are now work jeans covered in little blobs of caulk, glue, and insulating foam.)

Cleo Magazine is Malaysia’s equivalent to America’s Cosmo, and they were intrigued by the No New Clothes Challenge.

I think it may be the first time I’ve ever seen a fashion magazine say, “It’s actually okay if you don’t buy the latest clothes.” And it’s probably the last time you’ll ever hear me say, “I’m in a fashion magazine!” (Especially considering the way I’m dressed when the magazine arrived!)

To check it out and read the story, just click the image below for an enlarged version. (Then click the enlarged version to zoom a little more.)

I’ll see you back here on Wednesday with a reveal of all my journaling treasures for our first ever Storycatching Challenge project. Who knows. Maybe I’ll dress up in something that isn’t covered in construction goos.

Do you ever read fashion magazines? Ever see an article about repurposing or buying fewer clothes? I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Cleo!