Picking Tile + Seeking a Quick Clean

There’s some wild creative energy flowing around here. It could be the spring weather (which is a mix of waking up to warm, peaceful mornings one day, then an inch or two of snow the next). It could be the growth of my journal shop. It could be the progress we’re making at the hangar or the facebook conversations going on. Or or or.

I think it’s all these things.

And all that creative energy that comes our way is immediately poured right into some exciting decisions. Like tile!

This subway tile is made in the United States. It feels very German, and it’s going to be crazy easy to clean in our bathroom and kitchen (just like we had in Germany!). We’re also going with some larger rectangles that we’ll stagger in the same layout.

A clean house definitely contributes to my idea of a comfortable home. The tire house where we’re living now is pretty much impossible to clean thanks to tire and stucco walls and rough wood trim and row of dirt + rocks. You actually have to vacuum the walls!

Cleaning it makes me really cranky. I don’t want to be a cranky person, so I’m pretty much obsessed with one question in the bathroom and kitchen:

How easy is it to clean that?

This dark chocolate tile is going on the bathroom floor. Grout is the hardest part to clean, I think. So the tiles are going to be a classy 18 inch squares (46 cm). The grout will be a deep mocha and super thin — like 3/32 inches (24 mm). Unglossy and dark. That’s my kind of bathroom floor. No one’s going to spot a few blond hairs or dust bunnies when I skip cleaning. I hope!

Of course, my biggest secret to a clean house is a small house. I just read that the average woman spends 54 minutes cleaning her house every day. What do you think? Accurate? No?

All I know is when I do spend 54 minutes cleaning, the transformation is going to be so much more measurable in our small, easy to clean house than the tire house. Or so I hope!

What are your thoughts on house cleaning? Love it? Hate it? Look for the lazy man’s route like me?

P.S. Thank you for all your travel journal purchases for spring break this year. Pack me away in your suitcase for an adventure?