Building a Bedroom

As I sit with you right now, we have a pound cake in the oven. There are 30 She personal journals on my desk. The prompts about stretching your wings are smiling at me right now, I think. Then I tell myself, “That’s silly, Katie.”

There is a burst of energy that hits us every day that quite honestly, we don’t know what to think of. All we know to do is trip over ourselves on our way out the door of the tire house as we get back to work on building our home in the airplane hangar.

We like this kind of work. At the end of the day, you can look around. You canĀ see the changes you are making. You can see everything you’ve accomplished. Piece by piece by piece.

Today it’s the bedroom.

Can you believe it? I’m standing at the other end of the house (in the photo above) where the bathtub will be. One day soon, this view will not be so big. Not with the way these guys work.

At the end of the day, you can feel all of the work you have achieved.

It’s exhausting. It’s awesome.

It kind of makes you wonder. “Is that pound cake done? I could use a breather.”