In Our Shoes : Hangar Remodel Progress

As you are reading this, I am probably doing one of three things. I’m either curled up in a bed stacked high with quilts as it snows and blizzards outside. Or I’m adding a bajillion inspiring kitchen bits to Pinterest. Or — and this one’s really the most likely — I’m at the hangar doing this:

Martin is here at the hangar with me. Either that or he’s ordering more supplies to be dropped off as soon as the storm blows over. Next week?

You may recognize the spot where Martin is crouched in his white space suit. I showed you that space on Friday when it was oh-so-beautiful and looking, well…

That’s the location of our future toilet. Oh boy.

It’s crazy busy around here. But the funny thing? The hangar feels so much warmer than the tire house that we’re renting just because the hangar is so well insulated and sealed. I think I’ve decided that old tires are the worst material ever for building houses. (We recently met an engineer who built one in Texas, and I’m sorry to report that he was unhappy with the temperature extremes in his, too. Oh well.)

But a steel building, even if it’s dirty and needs to be scrubbed? Even if it’s so messy it’ll never be pinned on Pinterest? I’m liking it.

I’m liking this ugly insulation blob above the toilet plumbing.

When we were decluttering this summer, we discovered a window behind all of these boxes on the left.

It let in so much light.

Unfortunately due to the height of the ceiling, we had to close off the window so we could have a shower. Silly us. Who needs to shower in the country?!

Well after all the progress we’ve made and the dust we’ve stirred? Us.

So today, imagine Martin and me standing somewhere below:

Imagine us wearing funky warm clothes, heavy hats, and orange rubber gloves. Imagine the dreams. Imagine you’re standing at our front door. Because this angle? That location is exactly where this shot was taken from late at night. Welcome to our home.