2012 : My Year of Together

I was thinking about what I want 2012 to look like. My immediate thought was, “Oh! I should keep focusing on becoming.” (My word for 2011.) The idea was fleeting.

A year of becoming was truly awesome. But it doesn’t feel right for 2012. It feels so Katie-focused and selfish. I was about to head to the kitchen to start making dinner for Martin and me, and that’s when I knew.

“Become” journal for finding and following your dreams

My word this year is together.

It’s creating systems that make my journal business efficient. It’s managing our household and taxes. It’s shifting my energy to put together the hangar house.

Most of all, it’s being together with people.

I read this piece, On Friendship, and was blown away by the simple gestures of one woman. We’re all busy; we’re always going to be. Yet there was Caroline, being brave enough to put together events she feared and being available enough to always be by her friends’ side when she knew her friends needed her.

Together: with people, collectively, continuously, close association, self-confident

Goals aren’t steps toward perfection; they’re pieces that take us toward a more fulfilled, inspired versions of ourselves. Being more together is my idea of goodness.

by Cinnamonink

So 2012, here we go.

How do you want to craft your new year?

P.S. I’m back in the saddle. Over the weekend, I made a few of each journal that was previously sold out.I know so many of you have had your eye on specific books like the blue She personal journal, classic rose prayer journal, and of course, all the Become journals. And travel journals! Those are always so much fun… and now they’re all back again after a wild Christmas season. (many thanks!)