Christmas Journaling : Hot Drink Traditions

Welcome to another peek inside my Christmas journal. I’m using the “Joy to the World” journal in classic green wreath.

My cousins and I were having a recent discussion on Facebook about a hot drink we all grew up drinking at our grandparents’ house. I’d never really stopped to think of the emotional importance of different warm drinks in our lives. It made me pause and turn back in my journal.

Originally, I started keeping this book on December 1. But who says I can’t just open the rings and tuck in a November 30th memory?

Here’s what I did in the front of my journal last night:

The left page is one of the 4×4 inch scrapbook-style papers that come in this journal; the left is an Italian Christmas paper also enclosed.

Journaling reads: I have no idea where the nearest Starbucks is to our house in the tire, but I know it’s at least an hour away. And call me cheap, I’d rather get Milchkaffee in Berlin. (My Starbucks lingo is worse than my German!) But once a year, I do find a Starbucks. I get a holiday drink.

Materials used: left page: journal, black pen, coffee sleeve, scraps of ribbon, and double-sided tape. right page: journal, black pen, scrap of green paper, gold star, and double-sided tape.

I’m a huge fan of journaling on different types of papers of different sizes. It adds so much dimension. It makes the process a lot of fun!

Tonight, I’m turning to a writing prompt in the book that’s all about cold temperatures and hot drinks. I think I have an old family story to document about drinking Tom and Jerrys at my grandparents’ house!

Have you ever heard of a Tom and Jerry? What’s your favorite hot drink this time of year? Do you have a memory of drinking it when you were younger?

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