Featured in Hollins Magazine!

I was flipping through the pages of the Christmas journal I kept last year. (I used the red “Joy to the World” one at Gadanke.) I turned to the last page where I always write my goals for the new year. When I wrote them down, Martin and I didn’t really know where the new year would be taking us. Back to Germany? Remaining in the Rockies?

So I was surprised to see how well I managed to achieve some of my goals. (sew zippers) (have journals in brick and mortars) (join a club)…

And the number one goal on my list?

Get in a magazine.

And it happened!

I went to Hollins University in Virginia for three semesters and earned an English degree there. (I transferred over there for an adventure halfway through my junior year.) As you might guess from the cover of our alumna magazine, Hollins is a women’s college. My journals were included in a feature of entrepreneuring graduates:

Thank you, Hollins! It’s amazing how that school taught me to be brave and continues to do so, even though I was only a part of their story for such a short time.