5 Tips for Living a Prolific, Authentic Life

I asked Martin to snap a few photos of me.

I’m always so shy about asking to have my picture taken. Who do I think I am? Hogging the spotlight like that?!

(See my high school senior portrait to the left? haha)

My earrings are handmade. I don’t even know how old my dress is. Thanks to the No New Clothes Challenge, I know it’s at least a couple years old. I know it’s too bright to wear in Europe and feel local, but I’ve worn it at least ten times this summer.

I’ve never worn a dress so many times.

Have you?

One of the reasons I wanted to share these self portraits is because we should talk about authenticity. About being our authentic selves. And loving it. I’m convinced it’s the key to the happiest life.

We find confidence when we embrace ourselves just how we are. When you feel unsure, be proud of deep in your heart.

Here’s how I do it:

1. Accept your imperfections. Set a goal and didn’t achieve it? That’s OKAY. Really bad at something? Don’t understand? It’s okay. Don’t have this? Don’t look like that? Just stop it! Accept these things for what they are or change them.

2. We’re all busy. If you have something that you really, truly want, you can find a way. It’s a constant balancing game of doing what you need to do and most want to do while cutting out all the other stuff.

3. I know it can be scary. If you never just go for it, you’re always going to look back and wonder “what if?”. Besides, how often have you gotten brave, gone and done something, and then said, “Well shoot! I knew it would be scary… and I should NOT have done it.”

(that link above? scariest moment of my life)

4. Journal like crazy. It’s inspiration and motivation for the heart.

5. Ignore what you think you’re supposed to do or supposed to have. Switch your focus from society’s opinion and just celebrate yours. Seriously the best thing I ever, ever did.

Over the next few weeks, I want to dive into all of the questions you asked about running Gadanke and living an authentic life. I’m setting really big goals for the rest of the year. First, I’m sewing and sewing to bring you something new at Gadanke.

Psst… here’s a piece I wrote about starting a life you envision. It was the day I decided to stop being the co-pilot in life and grab the controls.

Do you struggle with being your authentic self and feeling okay with it?

Please share one of your goals for this year…