Hangar Loft Home Plans

I thought it might help to give you a little visual of what we want to do with the hangar remodel.

We bought the place as is. So that means the stuff, the unfinished airplane work… everything except the planes themselves.

The upstairs space along the back of the hangar is roughly 700 square feet.  Right now, it’s a guest room, a pilot training room, and open storage.

We need a place to live in this new purchase, and the upstairs is just the ticket.  So we want to enclose the whole space in one.  We also want to take the ceilings all the way up to the roof.  It’ll look like this:

Just like our old apartment in Berlin, we’ll have an open kitchen/living space.  Apparently, that’s VERY American.

But we do plan on doing something very German:  our washing machine will probably be in the bathroom.  And even though we’ll be in a hangar, there’s still a no shoes policy in the house.  (I’ve come to LOVE that.)

On the left of the hangar, there’s an open loft.  Again, it was just used for storage.

We’ll enclose it.

Gadanke will move in.  So will Martin and his school work/projects.  That space is 300 square feet.

We’re leaving the stairs.  That’s still the way you’ll get to both of these spaces.

Martin will eventually run some engineering consulting and aviation related work in the office and the open space below.  He’s soooo excited to launch it all.  He’ll be finishing his studies online for the next year as he grows his business.

I would guess that you’re wondering about money.  We had a lot of people step in to help us achieve this dream.  Martin has already been doing consulting work for some time, and you already know how much we pinch pennies as much as we can.  I mean – I haven’t bought clothes for over two years!

Then there’s Gadanke.  I’ve been busting my bum and completely falling in love with running my own indie biz.

We’ve been strategic about location.  And of course, we’re doing all of this work by ourselves.

To be perfectly honest…

We’re really worried about how we’ll make the numbers work when it’s time to start buying flooring, a dishwasher, and the very basics of a house.  (We aren’t even thinking about stuff like rugs and coffee tables.)

But we will think of that shortly.  I’ve got some decluttering projects I want to tackle upstairs.

The only question now is:

Do I go with the yellow hardhat or the white?