Fabric Flower Tutorial

I added to my wardrobe again.

This project is actually a no-sew one that I whipped up before Martin was even awake on Saturday morning.  It’s super easy.

Yep – they’re just some simple fabric flowers on my jackets.  Summer evenings get chilly around here (and did I mention we’re still getting snow? ha!).  I figure it’s a good investment… although I’m not quite sold on the gray flower/green jacket combo.

All you need is fabric, scissors, glue, and a pin or clip for the back.  I used some knit scraps – like from an old t-shirt – for these flowers.  You could use wool, corduroy, or any other fabric.  It’s so perfect for scraps!

Cut out a circle of fabric (about 1/12 inches or 4 cm in diameter).  It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’ll never see it.

Draw a flower shape on a scrap of paper.  Mine is about 3 inches (7.5 cm) tall for these flowers.  Cut it out and use it for a template to make 6 to 8 fabric flowers:

Fold the flowers in half, then in half or thirds again like this:

Snip a little bit off the center of the flower (under my thumb in the picture).  It makes gluing so much easier.

Cover your little circle in glue (I use tacky glue).  Then press the snipped center of each flower onto the circle.  Keep adding more and more little flowers until the whole thing looks like a big bloom.

When the bloom is dry, sew or glue a pin or clip onto the back.  Seriously – that’s it.

I thought I’d head out to see what all the neighbors think before I head to town this afternoon.

And there’s me squinting at the camera, thinking, “Huh!  Who’s hogging the limelight here?!”  So much for attempting to make a smile the signature today!

Wouldn’t these be fun in the hair of a little girl, too?

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