Simplicity is *Boring*

I am a fan of simplicity.

You all know that.  I think that at some level, you kind of are, too.  ;)

The thing that I do not know is how much of a simplifier I am.  There are days when I see all the beautiful things people are buying or that I could be buying.  I start thinking, “I want that.  And that.  And that.”  Even more often, I want to know how we ended up with so much stuff.  Where did all these papers come from?  I could have sworn I stopped bringing home those free mini soaps from hotels years ago.

Finding simplicity is a journey. It changes with each stage of our lives.  Sometimes we need less.  Sometimes we end up with more.  It’s all about finding the perfect spot between the two that makes us happiest.

You can’t beat yourself up along the way, though.

How many of the items from Monday’s list – How to Clutter Your Home – did you check off and think, “Yep.  I totally do that.”?

A little secret:  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t achieve at least a few of those cluttering requirements.  A file full of articles to read?  That’s me!  Walking into a store when I don’t need anything in it?  Also me.

Oh here’s a little trick.  When you do walk into a store where you don’t need anything or when you just “need one thing”, at least don’t grab a cart or basket.  Trust me on that one.  You buy less when you carry it all.  You also buy less when you have to bike home with it all. (Or at least I’ve learned you buy less after the first time couple of times you can barely bike home.)

Some people say that a life of simplicity is a life of boredom.

(Picture me squinting at that sentence on my screen, thinking, “REALLY?!”)  Is simplifying making your life a little duller these days?

Here we are a couple of months after moving to Germany.  Look how bored simplicity makes you.  ;)

In our case, having less stuff means the airlines aren’t getting rich every time we move to Germany or back to the tire house.  Have you seen how expensive it is to check bags these days?  Sheesh.

Having less stuff means we can move and experiences different places.  It means other people can live in our apartment in Germany without having to fold up their pants and put them next to mine.  How would that be for making yourself at home?

Taking steps to simplify is really what has made our life possible… and so dang fun.  (Okay – I know it’s simplicity + intense frugality + serious luck here.)  The key is to find the happy point of simplicity for yourself and celebrate it. Try the things we’re talking about on Making This Home.  Or don’t.

Just know that you’re never alone.  We’re bumbling along, too.  (I mean, you would be too if drank that much beer just when you got to Germany!)

Where do you stand between simplicity and lots of stuff at home?  Is it a comfortable place to be?