Meeting Martin : My First Gadanke Journal 7 Years Ago

Am I really sharing this on the internet?

My thumb is sticking to the spacebar key.  I haven’t managed to get all of the adhesive off of it.  (This weekend has been all about making a new journal that’s all about repurposing and recycling.  It’s so beautiful.

Now each time my thumb sticks, I pause.  I think.  Am I really sharing this?

Yes.  I think it’s time.

This is the first minibook I ever made.  It started seven years ago when Martin and I met.  (I’ll spare us all and not share the particularly verbose pages of college girl obsession.)

We cruised around town in a little stick shift with a loose clutch.  I was the driver.  The roads in town were steep.  (It was a mining town where we met.)  I do not suggest a crafty girl take a mechanically minded boy out on such roads.

But I do suggest going into the sky with him.  I do suggest listening to Frank Sinatra croon Fly Me to the Moon.  And then, I do suggest getting a first kiss up in the air… preferably right above the little pond where you and your brother learned to use lures when you graduated from bobbers.

A few days later, go do the things you love in the thickest coats you have because January around here is colder than cold.

Now I guess you can move 1800 miles away to transfer to a women’s college if you want.  It’s what I did.  That’s kind of hard.  But it’s important to keep your goals going even when you’re so crazy for someone you don’t remember how to walk straight.

I promise.  He will visit, and you will explore.  It’ll make you stronger and make your relationship stronger.  Document that.

Then start a business years later that is all about helping other people capture these stories.  There is nothing more beautiful than flipping through your own stories years later.