December Journaling

The stories of our December are weaving together – sometimes in ways that we planned, and certainly in ways that we didn’t.  I’ve shuffled the papers of my {Joy to the World} Christmas journal around so many times.  I’ve added Christmas cards and photos – even a comic from the neighbor’s newspaper!

Here are the stories from around here.

Some pages are for specific days of the month.  Some pages, like the one below are there to capture what’s going on because even when deep inside, we’re still the same, so much around us is different than our last Christmas.  I used red tape to accent the left page and make a box around the word “love” on the right.

#4 – the name of a dear friend has been erased for this photo.

And the last page I want to share with you is from this weekend.  We were supposed to go flying (my first in months!).  A snow storm quickly changed that plan.  Winter flying is my favorite because of all the snow, ice, and Christmas lights.  The Christmas card I cropped and hole punched on the right page captures this sentiment for us.

I hope you’re finding plenty of small moments to celebrate in these final days of 2010.