Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

I wrapped Christmas presents yesterday.  This holiday marks our third year of wrapping gifts with greener materials.  So many products already contain such an excess of packaging.  I just can’t get over the idea of wrapping excess packaging with more packaging that’s all just one-time use stuff.

My goal with wrapping is pretty simple:  create no new trash. (Yes – I’m one of those people who saves pretty bows and all the gift bags we receive.  Then I repurpose them.)  It’s so frustrating to see the piles of trash cans waiting for the garbage man the day after Christmas.

Those of you who have A Greener Christmas ebook know the slew of techniques I love.

It’s amazing what types of materials you find in your house when you start thinking in terms of wrapping gifts.  Like the cardboard inserts that come with a package of undershirts?  My favorite!

The owner of our little tire house here left an abundant supply of brown paper bags in the kitchen.  I think the pile’s just grown from various shopping trips over the years.  Since we’re a canvas shopping bag kind of family, I attacked the stash for gift wrapping.

A pile of thick ribbons from family members’ craft room decluttering projects added the perfect pop of color.  We’ll be adding some {No Snooping!} gift tags once I get this picture snapped.  We have a world famous snoop who will not be getting any sneak peeks of who’s gifts are for who via Making This Home photographs this year!

Do you repurpose with your gift wrapping?