A Monthly Love Letter for My Guy : Month 2

Last night while Martin was doing school work, I added another page to my {Love Letter} from Gadanke.  Once a month, I fill out a page and add a photo from the month.  The idea is that after one year of monthly entries, I’ll have a sweet little anniversary gift for my guy.

The pages start with a piece of a poem/story on the left and lines for text on the right like this.  (I chose the blue and white diamond Italian cover):

And here’s how I transformed my page two to tell Martin’s story:

I’ve loved watching Martin become this month.  The change in the weather, the growth in his heart – those are the things I wanted to capture for October.

I painted this page with acrylic paint.  My brush was very dry, which allowed for the sporadic wisps of paint everywhere.  I made sure a space for text was paint-free.  The trees have the same wispy stroke, but my brush is loaded with paint.  To bring everything together, I used my brown pen to draw a boarder with rounded corners around everything.  Then I wrote the text, added my photo from earlier this month, and finished with a date stamp I picked up at an office store in Berlin.

I love how this little Gadanke journal is coming together.  What’s the October story you would tell?

You can see the first page from September and the journal cover here.