Decluttering Around Here: Project 3 Update

I’m here to report:  my third decluttering project in our challenge was a huge success!

#1 – Papers are under control at our house.  I’ll be back to report on #2 next week.  For now, it’s time to celebrate.  Did you get your three projects finished?  It’s a busy time of year.  Doesn’t it feel good to have some of that disorganization under a bit of control?

The third item on my list was a bit tricky.  Fabric is pretty pricy in Germany (think 30 bucks/yard!), so I try to buy fabric at locally owned shops in the US or at traveling fabric markets in Berlin.

I only planned on taking maybe 8 yards of fabric to Germany.  My mom had a different idea, I suppose.  We attacked her sewing supplies earlier this summer (more on that later), and lets just say I walked away with far, far more than I ever expected.  Suddenly I had a whole bin full.  (The other bin has batting, scraps, unfinished projects, and some clothes that need repaired – and you know my plans for half-finished projects!)

Chemical smells and I aren’t the best of buds, so I always wash, iron, and fold fabric.  I keep my fabric on a bookshelf in Germany, so having everything look nice (and dare I admit – color coordinated) makes all the difference… ahem – until you run out of room, as I successfully did with the bins.

I really like these large containers of German thread you can get (mine’s from JoAnn’s).  You can see a few colors poke out a little higher than the rest.  That’s because I’ve used those colors and keep the bobbins full of that color of thread right below the spool.  There’s nothing worse than a tangle of bobbins when you sew.

My pincushion was something I made in my Junior Girl Scout troop when I was around 10 years old.

I threw out some scraps, pulled out a few things to donate, put unfinished projects first in my mind, and really got organized.  Now I only wish it were Saturday because I’m ready to sew!

And how about you?  Was your third decluttering project a success?  Have you been onboard all this time with your projects?  Huge cheers all around because guess what, ladies and gents – we may not have done everything we wanted, but we did something.  And you have to start with something.