21 Things a Simpler Life Is

It is not enough if you are busy.  The question is, What are you busy about?  –Henry David Thoreau

I apologize for slipping away last week – just in time to reveal our decluttering progress!  As many of you know, Martin and I are in awe of how country neighbors help one another.  So that’s just what we were doing.  I got to spend a lot of time outside and with a frugal, inspiring old man.

He inspires me every time I see him; he’s like our neighborhood Thoreau.  He doesn’t share this wisdom with his words.  He teaches you through his actions.  Is there an inspiring older person in your life?  And what has he or she taught you about life?  What has this person shown about slowing down and savoring?  This is my list.

A simpler life is:

  1. starting fewer projects
  2. finishing more projects
  3. savoring the small stuff instead of sweating it
  4. spending less
  5. embracing more
  6. building genuine relationships
  7. slowing down
  8. walking more and driving a little less
  9. avoiding one-purpose kitchen gadgets
  10. living smaller if we choose
  11. listening more
  12. eating fewer factory foods
  13. making more with your own hands
  14. tasting more
  15. smiling more
  16. inhaling more
  17. zipping around less
  18. striving for excellence; forgetting the absolute need for perfection
  19. feeling comfortable just as you are
  20. …and just how you look
  21. …and just with what you have

What would you add?  A simpler life is…