The Decluttering Project

What could your house look like with a quick purge?  If you spent just an hour or two tackling a different part of your home every day for several weeks, what could your home become?

You can part with some of that stuff.

You can decrease the clutter.

You can breathe!

I think that regular purging habits are important.  They make us so much more aware of what we already have in our lives and how much we’re consuming.  Our homes get a nice little lift.  And if you live in small spaces like we do, the place can feel just a bit bigger.

I thought we should tackle a different corner of the house every day or so.  Some spaces need more time, and some homes have several of each space.  So just try your best.  The goal with this project isn’t necessarily to go piece by piece through the entire house.  The goal is to begin simplifying the space we have.  I’ll give you some tips that help us succeed.  I encourage you to think about a system that works for you.

The hardest things about decluttering are:

  1. eliminating the things we’re sentimentally attached to
  2. eliminating things we’re sure we’ll have a use for later

I think we can put together some really effective ways for overcoming these problems a bit so our homes can become more manageable.

Here’s the tenative schedule I am planning mixed in with a few fun bits you’ve come to expect on Making This Home just to divide things up a little:

Why does all this matter?

Be true to yourself, not your stuff

Homes of hoarders & a hoarding quiz

So shall we begin?  Take a breath, turn on your favorite music, and enjoy this process.  Envision what you will achieve.  Take this one step at a time.

And believe it or not, we’re going to have some fun – the most fun you could have decluttering.  Why?  Because we’re doing it together.  I know you’re counting on me; you know I’m counting on you.

Meet me in the comments section, and then we’ll be back here tomorrow as we head to the kitchen…