Gadget-free salad spinner

No one likes soggy lettuce, and you certainly can’t skip washing your lettuce.  Some people solve this problem with a salad spinner.  I have to admit pumping a little handle up and down can be rather fun.  We just don’t have room for a salad spinner in our kitchen no matter how often we like a little lettuce with our lunch.

Luckily I was helping a German friend in her small kitchen a couple of years ago, and she was making salad.  She pulled out a fresh dish towel and laid her freshly washed lettuce right on top.  She brought the corners into her hand like a hobo sack.

Then she just started swinging the bundled towel in a giant circle like a circus man tossing a ball of fire.  Twenty seconds later, she laid the towel on the counter and opened it.  The lettuce was a perfect combination of dry yet still slightly moist – just as if she used a salad spinner.

gadget-free salad spinner

I’ve been spinning my salad this way every since.  (You may need to double your dishtowel to keep water from flying through the fabric as you spin.)

I probably don’t spin my salad in the air with quite the enormous circles that she had.  Of course, I also wonder if she really had made these wildly large arm motions like I seem to remember in my mind.  After all, I was jet lagged and new to Europe.  You know how crazy people get in foreign countries.

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