Steph’s Family-Focused Home for 3

Today, Steph is inviting us into her home.  She says that people often walk into her house and comment about how bare or minimalist it is.  And guess what – that’s just how she wants it!  I just love what Steph has to say about family and home.  I hope you do, too.  Take it away, Steph:

My son is what inspires me to simplify life.

My husband, son & myself live in a 2200sq. ft. house-main floor & basement.  Not small by any means but when we  bought it, I was hoping to fill it with children.  When I was pregnant with my son, I developed a life threatening condition, which meant that we were couting our blessings that we had one healthy baby ,because the risks were much higher of a mom or baby dying in a second pregnancy, we knew our son would be our only child.

So from there I decided to try to simplify our lives so we could really enjoy the things that matter most.

I believe that just because you have a lot of space you don’t need to clutter it up.  The less you have the less you have to clean & you really get to enjoy the things you love more.

My husband’s grandfather made these chests.

In Canada the Diabetes Association comes through our town once a month & they accept donations of almost anykind so its a wonderful way  to unclutter the house & know that your helping people in need.

I try to keep only things that we use & love.  I always remember that I want to enjoy my famliy more so I figure if I’m never going to use this or display that or read it again I might as well donate to so someone else who can. I now try to get all my books & movies from the library that way I don’t have spend money or time maintaining them. I try to only use organic skincare & cleaning products, I love using vinegar & tea tree oil for cleaning & disinfecting things.

I also tried going as natural & organic for my son as well that included using cloth diapers, I only wish more moms used them its really not hard to use cloth diapers & soapnuts really do get them clean=)  I’m also so excited now that spring is here I love to bike ride & use the stoller with my son, it’s SOooo much easier to go shopping that way, instead of taking him in & out of the carseat it also means that I can only buy the essentials.

Life can change in an a second, imagine if you only had a month to live what would you do, what things would you change I bet most of the thing we are running around doing wouldn’t matter so whats stopping you from simplifying your life today?

My favorite saying is yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift that’s why we call it the present.  So try to simplify & go enjoy your “present”=)

Thank you, thank you to Steph and her family!   Isn’t this family such an inspiration?  They really seem to know what truly matters to them, don’t they?  Do you have any favorite thoughts or images of Steph’s home that stand out?  How about that cute white rocking chair in the living room?  Or the handmade family chests and ladybug boot vase?  So much cuteness.  So much wisdom!

Thanks for sharing with us, Steph!

And don’t forget — toss around the idea of sharing a corner of your home with us like all of these people have.  It’s nice to know there are like-minded folks out there.  So get in touch; we’d love a peek at your wisdom.