Meaningful Valentine’s Gifts for your Guy

if you’re not a chocolates and flowers kind of couple just like us, it doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day has to be any less sweet.  We’ve found that the secret to a successful Valentine’s Day isn’t in seeking traditional gifts like heart shaped boxes – especially when it comes to most guys.  So if you’re looking for a way to share the love without commercial products or the standard DIY coupon book, here’s a list of ideas wI turn to year after year.

Swing by the office for a surprise lunch date or prepare one at home.

Pop in at your guy’s office with lunch plans – maybe a cozy meal for just the two of you (go to a local cafe or go homemade) or something really light hearted with the kids.  Since Smooch Day lands on a Sunday this year, surprise him a little early (and avoid the love rush at restaurants) on Friday.

Change his computer wallpaper.

There’s nothing more surprising than opening your computer to find a new background because it’s just not something we expect.  Make his wallpaper a picture of the two of you.  Better yet, add a little text bubble and include a message that confesses your love or has you telling a corny Valentine’s joke that’s sure to give him a good laugh.

Do something he’s been wishing for.

Listen for lofty thoughts he throws out.  This gift could be making the homemade pizza he’d been mentioning, getting some of that annoying paperwork on his desk taken care of, or organizing his photo albums on the computer.  Just pay attention to the things he’s casually mentioning or struggling with.  A great gift is making life a little easier for someone.

Try something new together.

Sign up for a class you can take together.  Or experience the symphony one night.  You might walk into a dance class with four left feet between the two of you and walk out of the class with dance skills that are just as awkward.  But it’s a blast trying.  After all, aren’t we always saying that experiences are better than stuff?

Give your guy Settlers of Catan.

To date, we have met no man who dislikes Settlers of Catan.  It’s a strategy board game that’s quickly taking Monopoly down to the #2 spot.  If you didn’t know that was even possible, then you have to try Settlers of Catan.  We can pretty much guarantee that once your man gets his hands on this game, it’s love forever.  Love of you, love of the game.  Psst… girls love it too.

Cook dinner together.

Make your meal prep all about time together.  Try a new recipe – it could be something simple or really challenging.  The best successes (like when we made caramels) incorporate some sort of gadget.  Whether it’s as fancy as a pasta roller or as simple as the electric beaters, guys who don’t traditionally cook get more excited when a gadget pokes its head into the picture.

What other types of things do you like to give to your sweetheart?  Or what do you like to do?  The ideas you all share are so brilliant.  Thank you for making this a place where we can bounce ideas off of one another in the comments so frequently.  So won’t you share?

(Images by Making This Home.)