10 Ways to Declutter Your House

The less you need, the freer you become.  That’s why we’re at it again at our house, brainstorming the tips and tricks we’ve found for getting the clutter out and keeping our 480 square foot home under control.  We’ll be talking a lot more about these ideas and more in the upcoming year.

To get started, here are 10 tips we think you might find useful for a refreshing start in your home, especially if things are feeling a little like this:

crowded sink

1.  Part with sentimental objects (here’s a trick my dad taught me).

2.  Organize your stationery so it gets used, not collected.

3.  Purchase fewer holiday decorations.

4.  Declutter your bookshelf.  Donate books to your local library.  Or give them to the local schools.

5.  Go digital:  Download your cds & start buying digital music instead of cds.  Scan in paperwork.  Try audiobooks & digital movies like we do.

6.  Get rid of items in your kitchen that don’t serve more than one purpose unless you use them on a very regular basis.  Or come up with other uses for them.

7.  Pick one souvenir to keep from each place you have been if you tend to collect multiple items.  Then buy fewer vacation souvenirs and mementos or none at all on your next trip.  Just snap photos or buy a few postcards, a magnet, or something small. (We got one very ridiculous honeymoon souvenir.)

8.  Seriously purge the excess towels and linens that are seldom if ever used at your house.

9.  Donate chemical cleaners that you aren’t using either because they’re in excess or you’re going greener.

10.  Think carefully about each item that you bring into your house.  If it adds to your happiness or the function of your house, by all means, don’t let us stop you.  But if it doesn’t?  Well… you know.

Is there an area of your home where you battle most with clutter or parting with things?  Is your desk overflowing?  How about the closet.  Is it okay?  Or do you feel like things are pretty well under control?  Please – share those frustrations and tips alike.