Children’s Poem: I’m Gonna Be a Pilot

Long before I started studying German, I used to write a lot of poetry for kids.  Those of you who have been following Making This Home for a while have seen some of my poems here and there.  Writing children’s poems seems like a past life, right along with flying an airplane and eating Mexican food.  I guess when you move to a new country, you do sort of lead two lives.  Every once and a while, the two merge in my heart.

Here’s the first poem I ever presented at a reading.  I thought you all might like a quick change of pace as we roll into the weekend.  This one’s for the girls who dream.

(Oh – in case you missed it, here’s my whole story of learning to fly on a gravel runway in the Rocky Mountains.)


I’m gonna be a pilot soon
and sail through the sky.
If you think I cannot soar,
when have you seen me try?

I’m gonna be the best pilot
that you have ever seen
in leather goggles, leather hat,
and checkered scarf in green.

I’ll know the fancy airplane words
like aileron and stuff.
I’ll twist the dials and land with ease
when the weather gets real rough.

I’ll climb the sky and whirl around
so Earhart would be proud,
then make big barrel rolls and dives
To please the neighbor crowd.

I cannot wait to learn to fly!
For now, who cares if you laugh
Because when I get good,
you’ll want my autograph.