Leave Your Shoes at the Door, Please

The yucky, wet weather we’ve been having in Berlin makes me oh-so-thankful that we have a simple policy at our house:  take your shoes off. I can’t imagine how dirty and now – muddy! – our floors would be if we didn’t take our shoes off at the entryway.

My favorite habits are the kind that make life simpler.

We have things pretty easy around here.  Everyone takes off her shoes at the door in Germany.  Very few people do in the United States, so it can be kind of awkward to ask people to take off their shoes.  That’s why I was so glad to hear from Michelle.  She lives in the US and also wanted to find a way to ask people to take off their shoes.

I think this sign in her doorway is too cute:

no shoes please

Thanks, Michelle!

What’s your take as the weather turns colder and wetter?  Shoes in the house?  No shoes?  Maybe some comfy indoor shoes?