Want Writing Inspiration?

Have you ever pulled out an old journal from the back of your childhood closet and found it full of silly documentation such as who liked who, what the weather looked like (cloudy), or what you ate for breakfast? I’ve got a whole shoebox full! I could never just sit down and write a really good journal entry, though I always wanted to do something to make my journaling more interesting and thoughtful.

In the summer of 2009, I started creating writing prompts for myself. Inspired by the interview I did with my grandma for NPR, I though my triggers could help me do a better job defining my internal self—they could be a clever way to dig into stories that made me feel alive. This journal was the first one I made. I called it She Journal: Me, my life, my days.

she journal by katie clemons

I immediately realized: Maybe there are other people with the exact same struggles to keep a great journal.

That’s when Gadanke was born!

Journals by Katie Clemons

It’s my journaling shop. I create introspective writing prompt journals for folks like you and me—people who want to dig into the stories that make them feel alive:

  • Passions
  • Backstories
  • Rituals
  • Inside jokes
  • Greatest dreams
  • Sweetest childhood memories
  • Favorite moments
  • The things that make each of us jump out of bed in the morning

journals for women


I was incredibly excited (and so crazy nervous!) to open Gadanke. But all of you have made it incredible. I’ve gone from small handmade journals with meaningful prompts, to courses on how to journal and bound journals geared toward specific experiences.

This is Time Capsule: A seriously awesome kid’s journal. It’s for the child who’s curious to discover how mighty his own story can be. It has FIVE STARS on Amazon.

Time Capsule: A seriously awesome kids journal

My Gadanke style has changed and molded over the years as I’ve refined the art and science of storycatching. The ideals are the same: help folks like you celebrate your story—and yourself.

Thousands of you agree. Gadanke journals are the kinds of books that you can pull out years later and say, “This is who I was. This is what made me smile.” I think we need more of that.