Vanilla in Germany

This one’s for all the expats out there.  It’s for all those people craving things like these cookies.  It’s for all those people desiring a taste of home, assuming, of course, that “home” might include something like this:

vanilla in germany

Yes!  That’s pure vanilla extract purchased right here in Germany.  (You didn’t think I was referring to the bird, did you?)

How many expats have fought and struggled to find vanilla in Germany?  Pretty much every one I’ve known has craved nothing more… well except maybe real Mexican food.  This discovery also means that all you readers out there who have said, “Geez, Katie.  I’d love to come be your neighbor in Germany, but boy – I just couldn’t do it without real vanilla extract” can come now.  Hooray!

This little package of pure gold by Spice Islands is made in Iowa in 50 mL bottles specifically for the German market – everything on the label is german except the title.  My father-in-law found it at Galleria Kaufhaus for 7 or 8 euros.  Happy baking.