5 Reasons We Love Living Small

Over the last couple of weeks, we got to thinking about what it’s like to live in a 450 square foot house.  And you know what?  At this point in our lives, it’s absolutely perfect.  Maybe some day when we have kids it won’t be.  But even then, I wonder just how many square feet we’ll be looking at.  Chances are, we’ll still be sticking on the smaller side because when you live in a smaller home…

berlin kitchen

1. You buy less stuff.

When you don’t have a lot of room in your house, you kind of lose the desire to buy new things.  After all, where would you put the stuff?  It’s a constant battle over getting rid of something you already have so you can make room for something new.  So why not skip the department stores all together?  I know our no-new-clothes summer challenge has been the perfect lesson.  We buy less; we appreciate and use what we have.

2.  You save money.

The cost of the home is cheaper.  Utilities are cheaper.  Taxes, insurance, mortgage or rent, remodels…. the list just goes on in ways you’ll spend less.

3.  You work less.

If you can only spend 15 minutes cleaning your house every day, it makes a bigger impact in a small house.  They’re so much easier to keep clean.  Keeping up with maintenance is less work (and less expensive).  In the end, you have more time to play and do the things you like.

fresh basil

4.  Stuff stops owning you.

Sometimes we see the most beautiful airplanes.  They’re mortgaged.  So are the cars those people drive and the homes where they live.  I think that’s perfectly fine until you spend most of your day just working to pay those bills.  A small home and simpler lifestyle makes us feel like we’re not chained to work just to pay for what we want.  We learn to want less.

5.  You help the environment.

Small homes need fewer resources to build than a home of the exact quality that’s twice as big, obviously.  They also use less energy to heat and fewer utilities since odds are our family is all in one room.  Fewer resources = greener living.

Images are of our tiny kitchen that we remodeled last year with fresh basil and tomatoes from the grocery store.  I find it strange (but oh so delicious!) to buy fresh herbs in small pots instead of in small, cut bundles wrapped with rubber bands.  You can guess basil is going into everything!

What do you love about your space that you wouldn’t have if it were bigger?  Please chime in!