A Simple Storage Solution: Table Salt

Some people cry over spilled milk, but not me.  It’s all about the salt around here.

One of my biggest problems in baking was always spilling too much salt on the counter or worse – into the food itself.  That’s why I made the simplest swap from our ho-hum salt containers from the store.

Here’s our table salt.  It used to be a jar of Adam’s Peanut Butter in a former life.

recycled peanutbutter jar

Then we’ve got kosher salt for sprinkling on top of foods and using for various cooking projects.  It happily hangs out in an old salsa jar.

recycled salsa jar

Talk about a reuse that makes my life easier.  I just unscrew the top and stick my measuring spoons right into the container (or my fingers for “a pinch of salt”).  No fancy balancing act.  No spilling salt.  Nadda.

To prep jars you want to repurpose, tear off the label and pop it in the dishwasher to get out all the leftovers you couldn’t scape out.  Then soak the jar in soapy water to loosen the remaining paste and bits of label on your jar.  Scrub off with a Scotchbrite pad, and your jar looks like new.

A quick dash of spray paint could cover the original lid for an especially clean, complete look.

Have you ever repurposed old jars in your house?

As long as we’ve got repurposing on the brain, you might like this adorable jar we transformed into a stylish hanging vase or this used candle jar where I keep my jewelry now.