Tour: A House in a Silo

Guess what.  It’s time for another unique idea for all you house hunters out there.  Kacie found this Utah house that the owner, Earl, calls Montesilo.  Clever, huh?  I think you’ll love how this old American icon has transformed into a hip, livable space.


You can buy a silo kit for around $5,000.  The kit includes all the metal pieces you’ll need.  It’s your job to follow the instructions and put it together.  Many airplane hangars and storage sheds are built the same way.  Of course, none of these things include guidelines for turning the storage facility into a home.  That’s where the real challenge rests.

Here’s a good picture of the rough carpentry that Earl had to do to be able to cut windows out of the metal structure and add basic staples of a home (like electricity!) in the walls.


Could you imagine drywalling all those rounded walls?  I think that project would have to be incredibly challenging.


In the end, despite the drywall struggles (and mountains of other challenges, I’m sure), Earl’s home was complete.  Just look at this dreamy kitchen.  He even carried the exterior metal style into the space as a beautiful backsplash.


Wouldn’t these little bedroom cubbies be such a fun place for his grandkids to visit?


This bedroom has such a beautiful balcony, which makes the flow between the country landscape outside with the indoors work beautifully.


Have you fallen for this creative home, too?


If you’d like to see more pictures of Earl’s creative home, he shares them at his former blog.

So now that we’ve been in a 350 square foot Prague apartment, a house made from an old airplane, and the tire house where Martin and I live, where do you suppose we should head next? Let me know if you stumble on anything.  We’d love to share your find.

(Images from Montesilo)