Send a Quick Love Letter (with old postcards!)

Bet you didn’t know de-cluttering could actually be fun.  I know I didn’t.  But here I am addressing old postcards to everyone in our address book in an attempt to downsize my childhood collection.  I’m not trying to send serious notes to people, just something fun.

Would you like to see a few?

I haven’t seen my brother for a while.  That’s why we’re sending him this postcard:

winter in alaska

With this message:

Heya little brother.  Haven’t seen you around lately, so figured we’d better update you with the latest and greatest.  Since pictures = a million words, here’s a photo of us and the fam in the new digs.  Love Katie and Martin

And we’re really trying to convince a few non-travelers to visit us in Germany with these types of postcards (from England):

windsor castle

Oh my gosh!  Can you seriously believe it?  They’ve actually turned our house in Berlin into a postcard!  It’s beyond amazing here.  When should we give the maids the go ahead to get your chambers ready?  -K

And another card I can’t wait to send:

canadian mounties

Alrighty – which of these studly dudes do you want?  You know I’m all about the international guys… and I think the one on the far left just winked at you.  Go for him!  -K

Like I said – who knew getting rid of clutter could be so fun?  Now just for kicks – you want to take a shot at a message for this one?

go gators