How to: Disperse a Childhood Collection

Back in the day, I thought I was the cleverest kid in the world.  Almost every kid has a collection of some sort (be it seashells, comic books, or yes, even trolls).  I was sure my collection was not only the coolest but also the most compact.

Every time my family went somewhere, I picked up a few postcards.   They were cheap, easy to fit into my suitcase, and even easier to stash in my bedroom.  And stash I did.   Twenty years later and I still have all these postcards that were hiding out in my parents’ house:


You can probably guess it’s time to part with my collection.  I’m willing to bet you might have some surplus postcards laying around the house, too, right?

The bad news is that we can’t really send people a “hello from the nation’s capital!” postcard when – hello – we’re not there, and haven’t been there since who knows when.  My collection is really bad.  Some postcards are from places I’ve never been.  (I was dorky enough to ask people to bring me unused postcards from their vacations so I could add them to my heap.)

It doesn’t make sense to toss these cards.  So I’ve been brainstorming and weeding.  Here’s part one of the plan:

A half dozen postcards are the perfect care package to give to people heading off on vacation if you have cards that match their destination.  Tied with a ribbon, it’s the perfect bon voyage gift… as long as they understand they should not be sending you one of these souvenir postcards!

disney postcards

I think it’s going to be a while before people hit up all the bazaar destinations in my collection, though.  So short of tossing all those great postcards, I’ve come up with a few ways to declutter.  If you’ve got extra postcards laying around, gather ‘em up.  We’ve got some projects coming…

And while we’re at it, wanna share what your childhood collection used to be (or still is if you’re like me)?  I seriously doubt it could get more embarrassing than the postcard I have from the backside of Mount Rushmore where our past presidents are showing their bare backsides, too.  Take us back.  What did you collect?

(Images for Making This Home)