A House in an Airplane

Ever since we moved into a house made of old tires, it seems we’ve been the subject of a lot of jokes.  Granted, we tend to be the ones telling most of those jokes.  (Sorry folks – the line Home Sweet Tire is taken.)  After totally creeping my brother-in-law out after his recent visit to our little tire home, Martin got this little note:

Hey Martin,
I just thought you and Katie might consider one of these when you settle down.


Now we’ve heard of airplanes turning into greasy spoon restaurants and homes in the Amazon, but you have to admit:  this place does have it’s charm.  And you all know we’re mastering the art of living small, and we’re sort of hooked on airplanes.  Do you think you would want to live here?


The place certainly looks like it’s in a warm climate where you could sit outside and sip lemonade all day long.  You wouldn’t have to worry about pesky salesmen.  Although I don’t think the Girl Scouts would come with their cookie order forms, either.  That could potentially be a huge drawback, I’d have to say.


The windows in this bedroom have to be one of my favorite parts of the airplane.  The windows may be small, but having a view all around is completely worth it.  Throw the kids in here or make it a guest room.


The master bedroom looks quite relaxing if you don’t mind a lot of wood (or a lot of dusting).


The only thing left to wonder is:  who gets the pilot’s seat?

Stay tuned for next Monday when we look at another unique housing option.  And if you know of any unique homes, please send them my way.  You know we love a little weird in our cool.

(Image source unknown)