Country Life Roundup

Howdy!  June is already thinking of leaving us.  I’ve been making an effort to really embrace the season and the local lingo.  It’s been raining a lot, though – almost as if this is supposed to be Germany.  Despite all the rain, you can still see from the horizon that the grass will always be as brown as can be.  And the poor birds are as soaked as can be.


How has your June been?  Have you had the chance to embrace your home or appreciate the things you have?  I do hope so.  It’s so easy to lust for more, and I know that if we weren’t moving so much, I would be all over an old ceramic barrel that’s as high as my knees because it could be a wonderful way to store miscellaneous things in an entry way or mud room.  I saw in town, for sale next to the cigars, believe it or not.  

Shall we end the week with a few notes?

  1. Gabrielle Kai takes the most beautiful everyday pictures.
  2. If you’ve always wanted to make your own dairy products or if you feel desperately deprived of German fruit quark like my husband, this cookbook sounds dreamy.  And if you don’t crave quark, Angry Chicken is sure to make you in her review. 
  3. We had five deer wandering on top of the roof the other evening.  (Remember how our house is built into a hill?)  It sort of felt like we were living in an apartment building, and the people above us were having a party.
  4. Beautiful mouse pads are to be had here.  I don’t need a mouse pad, and I don’t need more stuff.  So if you get one, please share.
  5. You can make the cutest paper crowns thanks to Ms. Tee’s fab idea.  Perfect for being Queen for the day.
  6. And finally, a question.  We can buy local eggs.  It’s amazing.  But I’m sort of out of the loop with eggs in America… does $6/dozen seem totally crazy to you?

Have a beautiful weekend, and I’ll see you soon.

p.s.  What’s the opposite of “howdy” anyway?