Mouse-Proofing the House

All right, I admit it:  you won’t find me checking the mouse traps in the morning.  As much as I don’t want to live with the little guys, I just don’t have the heart to do anything with traps.  I’m so thankful to have a male in the house.  Of course, he doesn’t like it too much either.  You could have spotted us pulling over on the highway a little while back.  We had a mouse to let go.

So with mice forever on my mind, I thought I’d give you another peek into our house (our referring to Martin, me, and a shrinking number of mice but not shrinking number of really big bugs).  Who knew that living as perma-movers meant we were awesome mice resisters at the same time?  Certainly not us.

When you first walk into the door of the Tire House, you’re greeted with this sign:

no pets allowed sign

Yep, part of living in other people’s homes means respecting their rules.  We’re totally fine with the no shoes thing.  We don’t wear them inside anyway.  As for pets?  We’d love to have some furry friends.  A cat or dog would be a blast.  But they’re expensive.  I can’t kill a mouse, and I truly doubt I could handle making a pet fly overseas multiple times.  So I’m thankful we have no temptation to get a pet as we live here.  The mice apparently did not get the message: no animals allowed.

They did get the message that mattresses are fun places to hang out, though.  Here’s how the bedding was safely stored before we moved in:

earthship bedroom

So how about some mouse prevention tips we’ve come up with on our own?  Here’s my stuff:


Okay, okay.  I realize plastic bins are not the most attractive thing in the world.  Oh but they are the easiest way to pack and move (and move and move).  We just take a little bit of packing tape and tape each one shut when it’s time to pack up.  When we arrive at our new destination, we plop our bins somewhere, tear off the tape, and kick back ’cause guess what – we’re done unpacking.

Some day, a more attractive system like wooden drawers that I could paint little pictures on would be nice.  In the meantime, these bins are perfect.  They may have college kid written all over them, yet no mouse has made his way into my socks yet!

Let’s head to the kitchen now, shall we?


Here’s my portable spice collection.  I feel so foolish to admit this to you:  I actually have an old shoe box specifically designated for our spices.  The little Pier One bottles fit perfectly, don’t they?  (They’re still looking for a home.)  Just as we store our spices, we’re discovering that all of our flour and other tasty mouse snacks need to be stored in glass jars, too.  Then the kitchen needs to be crumb-free at night.  These guys just don’t rest!

One last trick we picked up – and we just have to share – is the perfect “bait” for a mousetrap.  The owner of the airport taught us this one.  Instead of baiting your trap with cheese, use peanut butter.  It lasts longer, and the mice lick it up as fast as… well you and me!

So that’s the story of the mice who got really excited when they saw us moving in with a bunch of fresh clothes and yummy food, only to discover we just weren’t into having them for roommates.

Curious about who we do love for roommates?  Okay, maybe that’s a stretch.  But here’s our favorite band and our favorite chef’s teensy kitchen.