Flying: Over Canyonlands

As promised yesterday, I’m back with some shots from our long weekend at Canyonlands with our pals from Germany.  We are spending the summer in the US so that Martin doesn’t lose his green card, and ironically… we’re already hosting culture shocked visitors from Germany!  I wish I could recall everything from college geology class.  Canyonlands National Park is spectacular with layer after layer of delicious geological history.  The Park is also the perfect place to take a scenic flight before I begin my summer project of earning a pilot’s license.

It’s kind of a badge of honor for Germans to go back home sunburned from a trip to America.  It’s always so cloudy in Germany, so our friends were determined to get as tanned as possible.  They truly were like lobsters.  Meanwhile, I was determined to stay as white as possible for our summer in the Rocky Mountains.  So let me just say that I’m not going to show you any pictures of my white and pasty legs next to their sun-filled, glowing selves.  Maybe in 40 years.  On with the rest of the pictures…

Day 1:  Canyonlands from the ground:


desert bird

dried riverbed

Part of our all-day hiking trail was on a mountain biking path.  We saw about ten bikers, almost all of whom said, “How’s it going?” to us as they biked by.  (The ones who didn’t were too busy reminding themselves to keep pushing, keep breathing.)  Our German friends turned to us and finally asked, “What am I supposed to say to that?”  Martin and I shrugged.  I mean, what do all of YOU say to that statement – how’s it going?  We told them to say whatever they wanted… well except an answer like, “I’m dying.”  The buzzards weren’t after us in all that heat quite yet.

Day 2:  Canyonlands from the air:

canyonlands aerial

canyonlands aerial

canyonlands aerial3

Today we’re on our way into the mountains where we plan to live until we head back to Berlin.  We’ll be working on the whole internet in the middle of nowhere thing, getting used to a 30 mile drive to the grocery store, and having not a single neighbor in shouting distance.  Kind of like Canyonlands.  The house is probably the greenest home I’ve ever seen, so we can’t wait to give you a tour once we get there.

Next up:  aerial views of the Arches National Park claim to fame!

(Images by Making This Home)