Tour: Laurana’s Closet Craft Room

Today we have a special treat.  Laurana’s invited us into her 1.5 square meter (16 square foot) craft room.  It used to be a closet; now it’s a completely drool-worthy space.  Want to take a little tour with Laurana?  Here’s what she has to say:

* * *

I used to scrapbook at our dining table, which was usually so full of my crafts supplies that we had to eat in the living room… To improve the situation a little, we planned to assemble some new shelves for my supplies in our small walk-in closet.

closet transformation

closet storage

But at some point I realized that hey, maybe it could be possible to fit in a little desk and transform the closet into a tiny craft room! My fiancé was a bit skeptical at first, but finally agreed to completely refurbish the closet with me. And I’m very happy with the outcome of our hard work. It turned out even better than I had expected!


Well it’s nothing like some stunning, spacious craft studios I’ve seen, but it’s cute and it’s mine and I love it :)  I’m inspired by its vibrant colours, and it’s great to have all my scrapbooking supplies on display close to my desk.


Small work space is also very practical; it’s easy to keep things organized when everything’s on hand, and you just have to tidy up often because you don’t have enough room to work if there’s stuff laying around.

pink craft room

* * *

Amazing, huh?  Laurana makes me want to rethink the little corners of my own home and use lots of color.  To catch more pictures of her space and her life, check out Laurana’s blog.  Unfortunately for you and me, it’s not in English… but don’t worry.  It’s still as totally drool-worthy as this redesigned small space.