How to: Make a Fabric Pencil Holder

Last night, I made a couple of pencil holders out of tin cans.


They’re really simple; you don’t even need a sewing machine for this project.  I think they look far better than the cup I was trying to use before, and you can’t beat a project that repurposes something like a soup can.

For a quick upgrade at your own desk:

1. Wash out a tin can from your soup or vegetables and measure its circumference. I used a piece of string.

2.  Measure your piece of fabric to match the diameter plus 3/4 inch.  Cut fabric.

3.  Measure the height of the can plus 3 inches.  (You’ll fold the lip of fabric into the can)

4.  Press the top and bottom of fabric 1/4″ with an iron.  This is to make the fabric pretty.  It’ll look like this:


5. If you are sewing, stitch the top and bottom seams closed.

6.  Take the left and right edges and put them right side together (so the pattern is on the inside).  Staple or sew a 1/4″ seam.  This will leave you with a tube.  Press your seam to one side so it doesn’t look bunchy later.

7.  Flip tube right side out and put around can.  Fold the excess fabric on the top into the can.

8.  For a more polished look, I took the can back out of the fabric and pressed the top fold to give a cleaner edge around the top of the can.

9.  Add a ribbon if desired.

* * *

Now we’re curious to know:  how you prefer to store your writing supplies?  Is it neatly organized or strewn all over the place?  Mine is always out on display – sometimes spread all across my desk – while my husband likes to carefully tuck his away behind that secret man space of his.  How does it roll at your house?

* * *

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